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   One of my priority during my classes is to communicate the importance of Asanas (yoga postures), as well as the importance of feeling the body and its energy flow. Listen the breath and its own rhythm through the contact between the body and the ground.

Being a Yoga Teacher, for me, also means to respect the uniqueness of every person, both body and sensations.
I love to share my personal interpretation of Yoga Philosophy, especially with absolute beginners.

I'm a Traveller and an Artist, with a philosphy of life, which I received from my experiences and the Yoga studies. Since 2010 I am working with Ayurveda and Yoga.More...


   The passion for the Ayurveda massage is born together when I was learning Yoga. Watching attentive with students practicing and observing each body performing the asana,  you get a different sense of bodily perception and feeling and observe more precisely the body's structure and movements. Massaging is  going deep with fascias and muscle to recover the body from fatigues and heal emotional blockeages; is for me a resource and it´s very gratifing. More...



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