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"News: - Group classes are currently in person ( max 4 ) and ONLINE (max 4) according to Covid 19 resrictions, with 2G + Ayurveda massages and treatments are available by appointment in Studio. Thank you for your collaboration
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Date: 2021-09-21 00:00

Venue: YalpYoga by Berliner Pilates-Wiesenstrasse, 7  |  City: Berlin, Germany


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  • I've never done yoga before . Can I come to the class?

    Yes! All of the classes are designed to be all levels and have options throughout for beginners and advanced students alike. Always feel free to check in with your instructor if you have questions, and take class at your own pace.

  • What If I am not flexible?

    Being flexible is not a requirement for being able to do yoga! We come to yoga to increase our strength, flexibility, and overall well being! We all start with different levels of flexibility, and you’ll begin to see results in a way that is safe and works for your specific body.

  • What should I wear?

    Dress comfortably in clothes that won’t restrict your movement, and bring your socks, if you need, to use for Shavasana (guided relaxation and meditation). We practice in bare feet.
    Please remove your shoes when you arrive at the studio.

  • What should I bring?

    Bring your water bottle, layers, and a yoga mat if you like, but we do have yoga mat for free available if you don’t have one.

  • When should I arrive?

    The studio is open fifteen minutes before class begins. Please arrive early enough to get yourself settled and set up, and if it’s your first class, to fill out a first time waiver and ask any questions you may have.

  • How often should I practice yoga?

    The more regularly you practice, the more results you will see, however you can certainly benefit from even one yoga class per week! By committing to a routine in your practice, you’ll begin to see results both in your physical practice and in the mindfulness practice.
    We recommend at least two classes per week to see and feel results.

  • Which are the diseases that can be cured by yoga?

    yoga can be useful in reducing the effects of diseases like Hypertension, Spondilitis, Asthma, Arthritis, Slipped Disc, Digestive disorders, Menstrual disorders, Insomnia

  • Can yoga help control High Blood Pressure?

    Studies have shown that certain yoga practices can help some patients control their high blood pressure. In general, yoga promotes health, a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition, it teaches you to be aware of your body and to listen to the signals it sends – all of which can be very useful.
    Specific techniques that may be helpful controlling high blood pressure include diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing, which has been shown to reduce stress and induce relaxation, and a Pranayama technique called alternate nostril breathing which also helps reduce stress and induce relaxation. Moreover, there have been a number of studies that show meditation can be a great help in controlling blood pressure.

  • How is yoga different from stretching and normal exercise?

    Traditional exercise is goal oriented and not too connected with a specific breath techniques.
    Yoga is a process. The idea is to focus your awareness on what you’re doing and how you feel as you perform the postures. In yoga, you succeed by trying. yoga involves more conscious awareness of breath and the work you are doing with your body. Poses and movements are unique and have specific purposes and effects on the body. The breath is used to deepen stretches and flexibility. Focus and concentration are key ingredients in yoga practice.

  • Will yoga help me lose weight?

    Yoga can make you look and feel better, regardless of your weight. That being said, yoga can help you slim down in a couple of ways. First, the practice will help you burn calories. In addition, they help tone muscles and improve your posture. yoga can help you to lose weight gradually and permanently when you practice regularly and eat reasonably especially considering the tips for how what and when having food. The teacher will be always available to give you such suggestions
    Yoga improves the digestion capacity of the body which reduces excess fat consumption by the body. As you become stronger and develop greater stamina, a more intensive yoga practice will help your body maintain weight control and excellent tone.

  • Is yoga a religion?

    Yoga is not a religion. It is a practical approach to healthy living based on a philosophy that mind, body and spirit are one. Yoga has many branches and practices besides the Hatha yoga, the physical fitness part of yoga. There are many excellent books that explain yoga in depth.

  • What if I've had an injury or recent surgery?

    Before you begin any class, get permission from your physician or physical therapist. If you have medical approval to practice yoga, be sure to inform your yoga instructor of your condition and limitations. Take care of yourself in class and avoid doing anything that doesn't feel right or that causes you pain. It is recommended that you work with the same yoga instructor regularly rather than take random classes from different teachers.
    You might want to include some Active Isolated Stretching and Soft Tissue Release are very effective treatment modalities in alleviating pain and recovery from surgery.

  • Is it okay to eat before practicing yoga?

    Never exercise on a full stomach. Before exercising, wait at least two/ three hours after eating a small or main meal. After completing a yoga class, wait about a quarter of an hour before eating.

  • Is it okay to practice yoga during pregnancy?

    It's okay to continue practicing yoga while you are pregnant. Yoga is a great way to keep fit during pregnancy. In particular it can help strengthen the pelvic area, normalize thyroid functioning and blood pressure, and help keep you calm and relaxed -- all of which is good for the baby, too. In general, however, you want to avoid strain, compressing the belly or abdomen and inverted postures, especially in the later stages.
    Still if you are pregnant, please talk with your doctor before beginning any yoga program.
    It is also very important that you let your instructor know prior to the start of class.
    Don't forget to inform your teacher if you got your period.

  • How many students are for each class?

    All classes at Yalp Studio are limited to about 8-10 students each so that teacher can give personalized attention to each student.

  • If I need to leave class early, can I leave before Shavasana?

    No one is required to stay the entire class; however it is highly encouraged to finish your practice with Shavasana (the final relaxation posture). If you are unable to stay the entire class, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class. Before you leave the practice room, please quietly move into Shavasana for 3-5 minutes before exiting the class. Please be as quiet and non-disruptive as possible if you must exit the room early.

  • How do I schedule a class?

    Yalp Studio recommend all members get familiar with the automated online booking system. It is the easiest and fastest way to book classes. Click on Yoga Book Now to see the calendar and the courses offered.
    Once you have decided on a course, you click on the appropriate field and the course description appears. After clicking on Register Now, you can sign in with your email address and password. If you do not have an account with us, please click on the Link: Don't you have an account. If you have forgotten your password, you can also reset it here.
    After signing up you will receive an email to confirm your booking.
    Please always use the same email to sign up to access. Do not create a new account.

  • How do I pay a class?

    If you want to pay the class in advance you can use directly Pay Pall on the main Menu under the voice Pricing. If you don' t have PayPal you can pay by Bank .
    During spontaneous visits, you can also pay directly to the trainer.



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