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address yalpyoga@gmail.com
mobile +49(0)1573 6364410
whatsapp +49 1573 6364410

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"News: - Group classes are currently in person ( max 6) and ONLINE (max 4). Ayurveda massages and treatments are available by appointment. Thanks you for your collaboration


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Dear Yoga Student,
I please recommended to sign up your class in a good advance.

Remember the booking should be cancelled at least 24h before, sending an email at info@yalpyogaberlin.com or by calling the 157.363.64410 otherwise the class will be considered on your card.

*In Yalp Studio, classes will be done with a minimum of three (3) participants.

*Since this month we have added two lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:00 and 07:00 at the Hotel Grenzfalle. See info place, cost and type of class. These classes are not included in the prepaid card and the duration is 60 min.

*PRIVATE CLASS or TRAINING: are available every day by appointment, from Monday till Saturday at midday. 20% discount on the Pass Card from October to the end of the year to attend private weekly class.

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