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Yalp Yoga March 2022

In relationships, there should be no such thing as dominant and dominated people, the two extremes of a game that can escalate into a devious and manic process that only leads to destruction. In all relationships in life, one should look for that vanishing point, that way out, called compromise, something to be proud of to achieve because it elevates the human species to a higher degree. The value of compromise is rightly the feeling that we have been relieved of the mental burden of our paranoia, of our moral judgements, of our mental reticence, which does not allow us to see beyond our self-enclosed thinking, where the evolution of the "we" does not grow and evaluates itself in a vicious circle without any growth or decisive improvement. Such a decisive improvement of thought as an end in itself, in the self and with no exit, could be achieved if we were able to detach ourselves and observe our mind, with all the above-mentioned reticence and judgement. This only belongs to those who have educated and developed this capacity, through self-observation and meditation.
Something that few can do.
It is therefore the way of compromise, of diplomacy, of the set of virtues linked to balance, tact, mediation, which make a big difference in every relationship where conflict gives way to a possible peaceful interdependence, since no one, really, is an end in itself.
Luana Marini Bellisari

Photo: Paola Bellisari and Luca Panella
Coreography : Manuel Paruccini "D'Amore è Luce" from "La Bottega dell'Orefice" by Karol Wojtyla
Malatestian Court of Fano (PU), 2011
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