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"News: - Group classes are currently in person ( max 6) and ONLINE (max 4). Ayurveda massages and treatments are available by appointment. Thanks you for your collaboration


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Update of October
With max 6 participants per class of 60 min,  we have now available with:

PRE- POST NATAL YOGA                                           - coming soon
Pre-Natal classes now are in a group of mums at the last trimester.
Classes are focused on breathing, pelvic floor exercises, relax and focused exercises.
Post- Natal to recover 4/6 weeks after childbirth the relaxing effects of the pelvic musculature following pregnancy weight, as well as regaining abdominal tone, and circulatory balance in the legs. The natal pot is also suggested following postpartum stress, to balance the new maternal role and add value to one's life as an individual as well as a couple. 

HATHA YOGA          THURSDAY      AT 19:30                             - active
Hatha Yoga is based on the Asanas with the principles of Ujaii breathing, static postures and repetitions

BODY BALANCE                                                                  - to be activated
Body Balance is based o the connection between our body and mind during the movement and the complete interections between our senses. It is a combination of Asanas, Yoga dance, and other disciplines, inspired with the sound of a specific spiritual music, Jazz Soul, Woldwide.

YOGA FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS TUESDAY  AT  08:30            - active
This course is necessary to understand and re-discover the posture and breathing necessary not only for a yoga class but also to understand the power of yogic exercise on physical and mental health. 


Please review our full list of terms and conditions before making your choice. 

     By bank account/transfer                      By PayPal

 -    Cards for 5 classes                               60,00 €                                                                                

 -                   Trial   class                           10,00 €

                    Single class                            15,00€                                                                  

Entrance in the Studio is allowed to participants with 2G+. Thanks for your collaboration.

Reservation is strongly suggested 24 hours mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A notice of 24h is required on all cancellations and schedule changes. This notice allows the instructor to place another client in that time slot.


Ensure you're hydrated and have not eaten for at least 2 hours before class. If you have an injury or medical conditions, notify your teacher in advance. It's possible to modify a specified asana to make it more suitable for you. Inform your teacher if you're pregnant or have recently had a baby.






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